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Being computer junkies, we have collected quite a few domains over the years.  Some are active, some are inactive, but you are welcome to  visit them and learn more about us.

Kristen's Domains:
We originally started out with, but someone managed to register it before we could renew our registration, so we now have instead.  With the new domain came a new look for our family website.
Kristen LOVES anime and manga and bought this domain to serve as a collective for her other websites.  All of her sites are listed at this address...take a moment and check them out!
Since Kristen is an Elementary Librarian at Sequoyah School, she bought this domain for her future project of collecting booktalks and other library materials to share with the web.  Of course, that project hasn't happened yet, but this domain does house her bookish sites:  Genrefiction Fantasy, Akin to Anne, Avonlea Keepers, and the Alpine Path.  If you love fantasy books or Anne of Green Gables, check them out!
Miracle Girls is another of Kristen's favorite anime/manga series.  Noticing that it didn't have many pages dedicated to it, she created her own.
Kristen loves reading Cherry Ames books and bought this domain on a whim.  In the future she hopes to put up Cherry Ames site, but since there are already some great sites out there, she decided not to put the time and effort into it right now.  As of now the domain is inactive.
Yet another inactive website bought on a whim.  Being from East Tennessee, Kristen fell in love with the book and series Christy.  She hopes one day to start a Christy page, but for now would rather visit all the great pages already devoted to it on the net.
Ok, I don't own this site, but I am created it and am their webmaster.  It is basically another example of my layouts.  It does have some great Internet resources for doing research though!

Rick's Domains:
Rick and his business partner run their city website.
Just redirects to the com address.
Bought to be the main website for Johnson City, TN, but while there is a page up, it isn't really active yet.
Bought to be the main website for Rogersville, TN, but while there is a page up, it isn't really active yet.
This is a site for a program Rick created that creates webpages for Radio Stations that have news stories.
Another webpage for one of Rick's programs.  This one makes your computer into a caller id box, with MANY more interesting functions than you will find on your telephone.  Give it a try, there is a free trial.
This is the website for Rick's company.  It lists all their programs if you are interested.
Rick's inactive personal site that became useless when we registered this one.