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All you have to do is mention Corgis somewhere on your page to be eligible. Both Pembrokes and Cardigans are welcome!...

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Fill out to submit a site to the Corgi Ring
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Add the ring fragment to your page. You will be mailed the fragment that looks like this:

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Your fragment will already be customized for your site.  All you will have to do is cut and paste it onto your page.  If you would prefer another graphic.  Replace "graphic01.jpg" with one of you choosing.  Be sure to change the width and height tags so your image will not be distorted.  Visit the graphic page to choose other graphics.  If you have an image you would like made into a graphic, email me the image and I'll add text and upload it to the page.

If you would like to use the fragment I have created at the bottom of this page, refer to the fragment page. You must be able to edit html to do so.

These fragments MUST be either on your main page or a separate webring page.  They cannot just be on a links page as not everything visits those pages.  If you want to have it on a link page, then you MUST call it a links and webrings page or some variant thereof.

Contact me when you have added your ring fragment to your page and are ready to be added to the ring.  Not contacting me will extend your waiting time.  I am sometimes slow to add new sites to the ring unless someone emails me to let me know they are ready to be added.