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Wedding Pictures...  (click on thumbnail to view pictures)        

Rick and his brother Bill

The groomsmen & ushers

Rick and Kristen

My Parents

Rick with my attendants

Nancy and Cam Philbeck

Kristen, Beth, and Nancy

Mark married us

Full wedding shot


Another shot
Full wedding party

In front of the tree

Rick at the alter

Marching down the aisle

Our "guestbook"

The Wedding cake
Reception table

Receiving line

Cutting the cake

Cutting the groom's cake

UT football cake

Another pic of us

Russ caught the garter!

Jenny strikes a pose

Two of my h.s. friends


Kristen and Caroline

Us with Mark and Jana

Church youth members

Rick with college friends

Rick with friends

Kristen and Jana

Sitting there

Who wants the bouquet?

Kristen and Sarah

Waiting for Rick

9 bags of styro-peanuts!
Nice decorating job

Just deserts

More birdseed

Shaking it all out

Another view

Leaving the church

Let's see that attack again