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Andrew Wilson Clark
Parents:  Bill and Ginger Clark
Born:  November 21, 2001
7 lbs 7 oz
20.25 in long

Happy Birthday!

Have baby = get food!

Rick and nephew

Finally Grandparents!

More hair than dad!

Four Months

Ginger and Andrew at 4 months.

Bill and Andrew posing for their first picture.

I don't think Andrew knows what to think about this.

Posing with the bible.

What a cutie!
Ten Months

Posing with Uncle Rick.

Still posing.

This blue block tastes good!

Oh hey there.

Andrew and Shadow

Playing with mom.

Look at those red knees!

Still more red knees.


Baby pushups!

Put the block in.

Take the block out.
Eleven Months

Playing with his first laptop.

Ok, this part has nothing to do with a computer.

Lookie a trackball mouse.